Corporate entities willing to establish new set ups in India and the existing units requires adaptation to the ever changing business environment. Conducting business in India or elsewhere requires timely compliance of various enactments and Statutory regulations. The various approving and registration authorities are :

  • Reserve Bank of India
  • Department of Industrial Development in the Ministry of Industry
  • Income Tax Department
  • Central Excise Department
  • Service tax department
  • Foreign Investment Promotion Board
  • Pollution Control Boards, Electricity Boards etc.
  • Sales Tax Department
  • Local licensing authorities
  • District Industries centre etc.
  • The key issues for business houses is the challenge of optimizing business capabilities and resources in line with emerging requirements within the market. The optimization exercise synthesizes our expertise in performance improvement methods, best practice solutions and industry benchmarks and trends.

    Our Optimisation approach is strategic and focuses on assisting our clients to build a strong competitive position through:

  • Optimum utilization of Resources
  • Maximising revenue
  • Relocation and planning of Setups
  • Creating more business-focused processes
  • Reducing costs and cycle times to deliver services
  • Leveraging new IT capabilities
  • Analysis and critical evaluation of business activities.

  • Our Firm consists of a team of Professionals having expertise and ability to comply with all the formalities including assistance in obtaining Licences, Permissions and Finance for the Project