Indian economy has opened up after liberalization and with ever expanding and untapped market , Indian companies are on lookout for following items :

Tie ups and collaborations

  • Advanced technology and tie ups for manufacturing
  • Importing crucial and highly sophisticated equipments, Construction equipments and    machineries
  • Marketing tie ups and imports of white goods, Chemicals and intermediaries
  • Financial participation by way of loans and equity
  • Tie up for infrastructure projects
  • Investments on BOOT , BOLT , BOOM basis
  • The general area of interest for Clients are :

  • Business process outsourcing
  • Call Centres
  • White goods industry
  • Maintenance of data base
  • Software development
  • Manufacture of polluting items like pesticides, insecticides
  • Power Project
  • Construction of Roads and highways on BOT basis
  • Mass housing projects
  • Speciality Chemical Project
  • Foreign collaborations include :
      1. Financial collaboration (foreign equity participation) where foreign equity alone is involved.
      2. Technical collaboration (Technology transfer) involving licensing of technology by the foreign collaborator on due compensation.
      3. Joint Venture / Collaboration for execution of a Project
      4. Establishment of permanent Place of business in India
      5. Establishment of Representative office in India